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Terms & Conditions

Terms and conditions of DrinkPurefruits

 1: The visitor to the website of DRINKPUREFRUITS agrees to abide by the stated terms and conditions of the DRINKPUREFRUITS. If you do not agree to the terms and conditions, then you should not be using the website. All laws of copyrights and trademarks are applicable to the website.

2:The material of the website cannot be used for the commercial purpose by anyone. The material cannot be ---

      Used for commercial purpose
      Change the programming of the contents.

3: The Company keep on updating its sites; even then it does not guarantee about its updation. The company may revise its terms and conditions without any prior notice.

4: The links attached with the DRINKPUREFRUITS websites is not the responsibility of the website. The visitor to our website will himself/herself be responsible about it.

5:  All the issues and claims related with the website will be governed by the law of India.