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The Shruti International Company has been launched with wide vision and avid mission to reach the new heights of glory. The company has made its laudable presence in the segment of non alcoholic beverages, by introducing its juice brand “DrinksPureFruits.”


The DrinkPureFruits is one among the pioneers for introducing new technologies in the processing of fruit juices, which preserves the freshness, taste and quality for relatively longer period of time. Our quality fruit juices uplift the mood and awaken the spirit of our customers, with its refreshing taste.


The company strives to become a trendsetter in the production of new generations of fruit beverages, which are basically energy and a health drink. In order to deliver ourselves on such level of performance, we are enriching our juices with anti oxidants, which are known to increase the supply of energy to people. It prevents exhaustion and controls effectively the ageing factors.


The Shruti International hopes to reach and serve the millions of youngsters across the globe with its DrinksPureFruits.