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Mango Juice

Mango is our national fruit. India is the birthplace of Mango. It was around 5000 years ago that the king or queen of all fruits-Mango took shape. The high quality of fertile soil and the tropical monsoonal climate of India were the facilitating factors for the growth of mangoes. All across the nation every year, fruition of hundreds of varieties of mangoes takes place. Some of the most popular varieties of mangoes are Chausa, Dassheri, Langra, Malda, Totapuri etc. One can rejoice himself in summer with these varieties of tasty mangoes.


The Mangoes give us taste as well as keeps our health in good check. It supplies our body good amount of energy that acts like a strong shield against summer’s deadly heatstroke. Besides this, Mangoes are also good supplement of Vitamins, anti-oxidants and minerals. Per 100 grams of mango yields 35 grams of vitamins and 20grams of iron and calcium. It is one among the richest source of Vitamin C. Nature has saturated each grams of mangoes with antioxidants like Polyphenol and dietary Fibres. These elements are anti-ageing factors, which are known to prolong ageing.  The Mango hence is an important fruit, which should be eaten daily. But those who find it cumbersome to go out and buy mangoes can order us. Buy bottles of DRINKPUREFRUITS MANGO JUICE and keep it in your fridge to access it at your will.

 The DRINKPUREFRUITS a well known brand in the Juice segment has harboured the goodness of Mangoes in its Juice. It is prepared out of the extracts of pulp of Mangoes. We use new technology of pressure crushing for extracting the juice from the pulp. This in turn frees us from the necessity of adding any harmful preservatives into the juice. We assure our customers a fresh and healthy fruit juices, from us.

You should chose wisely to quench your thirst not simply by plain water, rather by in taking nutrient rich and health fortifying juices from the DRINKPUREFRUITS.  Grab this opportunity of taking pure fruit juices of Mangoes from the DRINKPUREFRUITS.




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