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Litchi Juices

The Litchi’s are most popular berries due to its sweet, soft and delicious pulp. They herald the arrival of summer. Its fluid rich compositions enable one to combat the heat of summer. India is known to produce the most tasty breed of Litchi.


Litch are rich source of Oligonol, vitamin C and Copper. Oligonols are known as a powerful agent against the Virus. They facilitate powerful shield of immunity against viral diseases. Further its copper and potassium contents are important constituents of blood cells and tissues. They maintain the balance of fluids and help check the cardiovascular diseases. The Litchi’s hence are an important fruit, which should be eaten daily. But those who find it cumbersome to go out and buy Litchi can order us. Buy bottles of Litchi and keep it in your fridge to access it at your will.


The DRINKPUREFRUITS a well known brand in the Juice segment has harboured the goodness of Litchi’s in its Juice. It is prepared out of the extracts of pulp of Litchi. We use new technology of pressure crushing for extracting the juice from the pulp. This in turn frees us from the necessity of adding any harmful preservatives into the juice. We assure our customers a fresh and healthy fruit juices, from us.

You should chose wisely to quench your thirst not simply by plain water, rather by in taking nutrient rich and health fortifying juices from the DRINKPUREFRUITS.  Grab this opportunity of taking pure fruit juices of Litchi from the DRINKPUREFRUITS.




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