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Guava Juices

The Guava is one among the king of fruits. It is enriched with varieties of nutrients. It is said to be originated in Mexico and is now found universally all around the world. It is prepared and eaten in numbers of ways by people. Its sweet taste and juicy flesh draws children’s as well as elders equally.


Agua Fresca prepared from Guava is a popular beverage of Mexico. The Guavas are dynamic fruit, which every part is usable and so candies, sauces, desserts etc are made out of its sweet pulp.


The Guavas are rich source of dietary fibres, Folic acid and Vitamin C. It keeps one’s stomach clean and healthy. The Vitamin C nourishes skin.


The DRINKPUREFRUITS a well known brand in the Juice segment has harboured the goodness of Guavas in its Juice. It is prepared out of the extracts of pulp of Guavas. We use new technology of pressure crushing for extracting the juice from the pulp. This in turn frees us from the necessity of adding any harmful preservatives into the juice. We assure our customers a fresh and healthy fruit juices, from us.


You should chose wisely to quench your thirst not simply by plain water, rather by in taking nutrient rich and health fortifying juices from the DRINKPUREFRUITS.  Grab this opportunity of taking pure fruit juices of GUAVAS from the DRINKPUREFRUITS.




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